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Is it spring or not?!

Some days it looks and feels like spring, and then it gets cold and snows again.  Mother Nature just can’t make up her mind.  That’s kind of how I am when I’m trying to decide what UFO to tackle next…or what new project to whip up with a new line of fabrics…It’s easier when there’s a pattern to follow, but I also enjoy the challenge of coming up with my own idea or new interpretation.  Do you ever find yourself overwhelmed by all the things you want to do or finish?  That makes you quite normal, you know.       I find it helpful when I’m spinning my wheels, so to speak, to make a short list of several things I want to get done (or start). It feels great to cross things off the list when done.   I’m trying to follow my own rule (suggestion really) to finish two projects before I start a new one.  Usually I just have to layer and quilt something, or sometimes just quilt it and add the binding.  It feels good when I get a project done.  There are so many other things around the house or yard that need to be done or that “call” to me; when it stays warm, that will be the flower gardens.  For now I’ll content myself with working on floral quilts and runners, or creating a new small wall hanging so I can make some kits up, too.  Time to spring forward and make myself happy being a good finisher, not just an overactive starter!

Another year ending…

We want to thank you for shopping at the Fabric Garden this year and hope to see more of you in the new year ahead.  It has been fun getting to know you better, seeing your in-progress and completed projects, and working with you to provide material, notions and patterns, and ideas for your charity… Continue Reading

Our Christmas projects…

Our Christmas collections are fantastic this year.  People have come up with great ideas for using them in addition to following patterns.  The chickadees panel is almost gone, though we have several kits left for the 4 block quilt, “Chickadee Window”.  There are also a few patterns left for this, as well as most of… Continue Reading